Authenticity over spin

During a recession, one of the most important things advertisers can do is to amend their messaging to reflect the current economic situation. Consumers are no longer brimming with confidence and discretionary cash to spend, and the same offer-driven messaging that worked during an economic boom will likely not resonate. Worse yet, if you don’t alter your messaging, you’ll risk alienating your customers and potential customers because you’ll seem out of touch. For example, I just saw an ad where the subhead was Now is the best time to buy! for a car company. Really? NOW is the best time? “Best time for who, me or you?”.

In my opinion, authenticity is what will sell right now, not spin. Don’t ignore the fact that there is a recession. Embrace it, and empathize with your audience. One company that’s doing a good job of it right now is Sprint. Check out their latest television commercials featuring CEO Dan Hesse. No spin, just facts.


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