Help! My mom just Superpoked me!

facebook1What rhymes with ‘Privacy Settings’?

I’ve been a Facebook member for a little over two years now, and have experienced its phenomenal growth over that time, both the good and not-so-good. It seems like overnight I went from 2 to 135 friends (some I haven’t spoken with in over a decade, but I digress). I used it as the main vehicle to get in touch with my friends. I posted pictures, wrote on friends’ walls and made cheeky comments. But that all came to a crashing halt a few months ago, when I was over at my mother’s house for dinner.

While passing the carrots she casually mentioned that next time I go out with friends I probably shouldn’t double-fist my drinks, and that if my friend, ‘Dave’ (name withheld to protect the innocent) thought ‘Renee’ (again, name withheld) was so ‘do-able’, he probably should just ask her out.

After the blood drained from my face, I realized that this embarrassing exchange with mom was inevitable. Not because I habitually pound two beers at a time or because Renee is so damn desirable, but because I didn’t have my privacy settings on FB set to maximum. Lesson learned – At least she wasn’t my employer, or worse, a client. But, I have to admit, I can’t wait to have Dave over to mom’s for dinner.


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