Am I too dumb to be marketed to?

gmc_truckAdvertising is generally guilty of assuming its audience is much denser than it really is, but there are some commercials out there, in my opinion, that assume we know more than we really do. I was watching football this weekend, which generally means having to endure a generous slew of truck commercials. After viewing what seemed to be the 83rd truck commercial of the day, I realized that I have no idea what they’re talking about. More specifically, what the little acronyms in the financing offers entail. I don’t profess to be any smarter than any other consumer out there, but if I work in advertising and I don’t know what ARP or OAC mean, how does the average consumer? Should I be surprised that these statements came from American car manufacturers?

My advice to car companies (and all other companies who advertise) is simple. BE simple. If I don’t understand what you’re selling me, odds are I’m not going to buy it.

Oh, by the way, ARP stands for Annual Rate of Payment and OAC is On Approved Credit.

Can you think of any other commercials you’ve seen where you don’t understand what they’re talking about? I’m thinking of starting a support group.


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