I’m in love. Linkedin told me so.

linkedin_logoI’ve been a member of Linkedin for just a short while, and like many users I log in infrequently – generally only when I have received a connection request or an email from a connection. I like the power of the referral engine at Linkedin, which will use data I’ve input to hook me up with other people who went to my college at the same time, or who worked at the same organization.

What amazed me (and freaked me out a little), is that it just referred my girlfriend to me as a connection. Not surprising you say. But we didn’t go to the same school, we’ve never worked at the same company, for the last 15 years we’ve lived in different cities, and no, we do not have any shared connections, or if we do, they’re quite distant.

So how did Linkedin know to put us together? And can it please remind me when our anniversary is?


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