Are we the best marketers for Doritos?

250g_doritos_bilingualI’m a big fan of Doritos. Not just their product, which I’m sure keeps my local gym happy, but their approach to marketing. You may recall a few years ago they ran a campaign promoting a contest for the best TV commercial, that would air during the Superbowl. It generated so much buzz that they did the same thing again this year. The winning entry didn’t only win the Doritos contest, it was widely recognized as people’s favorite Superbowl commercial. Take that, Chiat Day.

Well, Doritos has done it again. Now they’ve launched a high profile contest in Canada to name their newest flavor of chips. People are encouraged to name the chips and create a TV commercial. The winning entry will receive $25,000 and 1% of net sales for the brand.

Pretty good tactic. Or is it?

With 10 times the population, it’s a pretty safe bet that in the USA at least one commercial generated from the thousands of entries is going to be worthy of broadcast. But what if we Canadians come up short and produce something god awful? Will Doritos still run the crappy ad that wins by virtue of most online votes?

Or, is the way to look at this exercise that regardless of the outcome, Doritos has created a bunch of buzz around the brand. The proof, I suppose, is in the results.


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