Would your ad survive at a cocktail party?

cocktailWhen clients evaluate their brand ads, they should think of the ad as a person they’re meeting at a cocktail party.

You know the list of characters:

1. Chatter box – Yammers on, non stop, about his job, colleagues, kids, and everything else under the sun and doesn’t ask you a thing.

This is the ad that says too many different things and doesn’t care who you are.

2. Boring guy – Doesn’t have an opinion on anything. Has monosyllabic vocabulary.

This is the ad that tries to appeal to everyone.

3. Fashion disaster – Purple plaid jacket with yellow pants, white socks and red shirt.

This is the ad with no design balance, 4 font styles and bursts (i.e. 20% off!!)

4. Salesman – Won’t stop going on about his time share in Cancun.

This is the ad that screams “Buy NOW!”

5. The genius – Talks down to you like you’re eight years old. Usually has ‘doctor’ in his name.

This is the ad that spoon feeds the concept to you so you won’t miss the point.

A cocktail party is a lot like reading a newspaper or watching TV. There are lots of people (ads), and many of them would like to talk to you. Many clients do not consider this when evaluating their ads. So, next time you’re criticizing your ad, consider this:

If your ad is:

A. Interesting
B. Interested
C. Easy to understand
D. Well groomed
E. Not pushy

You probably have a good brand ad on your hands. And what’s more important is you’ll have a brand personality that people may want to meet again at the next party.


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