What it means to be local

How many ad campaigns have you seen where the company in question claims to be ‘local’? And to prove it they say what we all hate to hear. They say: “We’re local.” Then they show a couple of pictures of people who may look like they’re from the area, but could be from any stock photography site.

If you’re going to push the local aspect in a campaign don’t say you’re local – BE LOCAL. Say and do things that would appeal to people who are local. i.e. speak to them in their language. More than that refer to things that only they’d understand.

We just launched a campaign for Vancouver Island Brewery for their Islander Beer. It’s really the Island’s beer (exclusively brewed here, sold here, etc.). But instead of telling consumers that it’s local, so buy it, we created some radio commercials that are meant to prove this beer is just for locals. Have a listen. But if you’re not from here, I don’t expect you to get them. After all, it’s a local thing.

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