Bing! Google’s done?

bing-logoEver since the launch of Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine, I’ve heard nothing but reports that Google is on its way down and is worried about Microsoft’s increasing penetration (from 13.8% of search volume in the US to 16.7% – pre Bing to present). Marketingvox even went so far as to claim that Sergey Brin is ‘rattled’ at Google.

Before we stick a fork in Google, let’s not forget that Microsoft is running a widespread international mass media campaign for Bing, which may account for the 3% rise. Let’s give it six months, post-campaign, and see what happens then. You’ll probably be able to Google the results.

One Response

  1. So, that’s it? All you need to do is spend $100,000,000.00 (Yes, that’s $100 million dollars) and you get a whopping 3% increase?

    Really glad they did that! With a history of operating systems getting crappier and crappier each time a new one comes out (Vista much?) and Microsoft Office getting more expensive with every new release, they CLEARLY needed to spend their money on something useful, such as a new search engine that shows us what Microsoft wants to show us, not what’s out there.

    I’ve got news for Microsoft – we already have something called a ‘decision search engine’. It’s called THE HUMAN BRAIN. Turns out it’s more than capable of navigating google.

    Hmm. Maybe Microsoft could have used that $100,000,000 for something useful. How many terminal and lifelong diseases do you think $100 million dollars could have helped?

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