What ‘real man’ would you choose to front your Alcohol?

mad-men-2Advertising Age has just written an article detailing the new hyper-virile manner with which some spirits brands are now promoting themselves. Billed as the anti-Sex in the City era (in which the Cosmopolitan was the heralded beverage for women in a boom economy), this new phase could be dubbed the Mad Men era, where belts are being tightened in a poor economy, people stay home more and many alcohol pitchmen are emulating the behavior of the characters from the popular Emmy Award winning series. The commercials that I seem to see the most of feature “Sopranos” star Michael Imperioli for 1800 Tequila,

And of course, the Dos Equis commercials, starring the most interesting man in the world (Paula Forbes has a great blog post with all commercials here).

Ad Age’s point, I believe, is that life imitates art, and in unstable times we men are trying to emulate these real men from Mad Men. So, I guess my question is, if you had an alcohol brand to promote, which pitchman/character would you use? I have some suggestions below:

Mark Harmon – Jethro Gibbs (NCIS)
Hugh Laurie – Dr. Gregory House (HOUSE)
David Caruso – Lieutenant Horatio Caine (CSI MIAMI)
Matthew Fox – Jack Shephard (LOST)

For me, the runaway winner has to be Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in IRON MAN.

So, who would be your choice for the ideal front man?


5 Responses

  1. Love the idea of Gibbs from NCIS as pitchman for whatever it is that he drinks when he’s working on his boat – scotch, perhaps? But I’m pretty sure his name is Jethro, not Joshua… 🙂

  2. Ah, so noted. I made the change. Zeeb will be thrilled with your choice.

  3. I would gor Gibbs too, strong and male character. A man’s man.
    Also Mark Harmon made some ‘Coors’ Commercials when younger.

  4. Interesting topic. Although I think the options are too mainstream and limiting. What the most interesting man in the world achieves is anonymity and mystery.

    Mark Harmon: wimp or serial killer? – I can’t get past his portrayal of Ted Bundy (alright that was 86). Possibly a reformed alcoholic.

    Hugh Laurie: “You’re too stupid to drink this….”

    David Caruso: Only capable of one pose – Tilted head, slowly turning to camera with eyes slightly squinting.

    Matthew Fox: Only as Charlie, secretly sneaking a drink from the liquor cabinet while the party of four are sleeping.

    Robert Downey Jr: Absolutely. Top Choice… although probably not a good idea to temp the poor guy, he’s just getting his life back together.

    What about Bill Murray, there’s a guy who can hold his liquor. Better yet, let’s resurrect some dead people like Dean Martin or Sammy Davis jr. Time to shut those bud lime drinking pansies down.

  5. Hey Michael – Great comments. Like I said, the choices were just thought starters – and start some thoughts they certainly did.

    Bill Murray, in my opinion was a FAIL as a whisky pitch man in Copola’s Lost in Translation, but I could get behind Dean Martin any day.

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