Me Me Me Me Me Me & Me – A small tip how not to use Twitter

I’m no Twitter expert. Not even close. The biggest problem (not the least of which is my lack of social media prowess) is that I’m not on it often enough. I sign in probably once a week, and generally only if I’ve consumed all of the content from my 5 ‘go to’ bookmarked sites. So if you’re reading this, take this post with a big grain of salt. I don’t know a heck of a lot about Twitter, but I do know what I find annoying.

What drives me crazy? It’s how often I see people just blasting out stuff. Sometimes they fill up a whole page of tweets. I’m not kidding – I’m sure that’s pretty hard to do. They use Twitter as a one-way conduit. “Here’s what I have to say!” Their tweets seem to have the resonance (and arrogance) of a royal decree.

Have you ever gone to a dinner or cocktail party where one person dominates the whole conversation? And in the car ride home all you and your date can talk about is that guy who didn’t let anyone get a word in edge-wise? That’s what these Twitter-blatherers are to me.

Some twitter-blatherers in my timeline

Now I’m not talking to you, J-Lo or any other celebrity out there. Lord knows you’re only replying to your agent or the good people from Furla about the new handbag they just sent you for free. We know our relationship to you is non-existent. I’m talking to the everyday, average guy with a Twitter account and apparently loads of self esteem.

So to you, Twitter-blatherer, I have a tip for you. Try and do some listening to some of your followers. Re-tweet some of their stuff, and if you’re feeling especially charitable, try even replying to someone once in a while. You’ll be surprised at how people stop un-following you, and even more astoundingly, how many more followers you’ll gain in the process.