Just because Twitter is quick doesn’t mean it won’t last forever

On Twitter, it’s super easy to provide an update in no time. But be careful what you say. Just like a comment on a post, blog entry or web page, it’s indexable and can live forever on the web. Just a little tip the next time you want to write something flippant or cavalier. It may affect your personal brand.

Why charge for airport WiFi?

I spend a portion of my time traveling for work. And I’ve got to tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating that picking up a WiFi signal, only to be rerouted to some landing page charging 30 cents a minute for connectivity. What compounds my frustration is how some airports choose to go the free route, while others charge like Scrooge. Can’t we, as advertisers, find a better way? Would you be open to seeing a few pre-roll ads, or answer a survey before you got your WiFi for free in an airport, or better yet, a bus station or public park?