Are you Loopt into

PC World magazine has just come out with a list of 10 web sites that will matter in 2009. I always take these lists with a grain of salt. Generally about one in five seem to really break through and capture our collective attention – and our fascination period with these new sites also seems to be waning. I read an accompanying article that’s already throwing Twitter under the bus. So, it makes me wonder how impactful these new sites really will be or how long they’ll be around before we apparently tire of them.

Most of the sites listed represent a continuing evolution in social networking, which you’d expect. The two that really got my attention were Loopt and

Neither are groundbreaking, but they’ve combined new technology with social networking – and they’re both dead simple to use, which always leads to higher adoption.

Loopt is meant for download to your iPhone. It uses GPS to show you where your friends are at any time. It also allows you to see what their preferences are with respect to shops, restaurants, etc. As an app for the iPhone it almost has to be easy to use and I think it will be very popular – if you want your friends to always know where you are (I don’t. But hey, I’m an old curmudgeon). kind of reminds me of but it has a cool twist to it. The songs you listen to are brought up by other DJs (what they call every member) on the system. Basically it’s a huge referral system for songs circulated through a Twitter feed. Of course, you’re also given the opportunity to purchase the mp3 from Amazon while it’s playing.

So enjoy these new sites. But I guess the lesson to learn is – don’t get too attached. Tomorrow, they’ll be so yesterday.