3 ways Twitter can be more useful

You can’t argue with the explosive growth of Twitter over the last few months. I think the #1 update in March was “Not sure how this thing works, but here we go.” I’ve been messing around with it, but other than brand building (nods to you, Mr. Kawasaki), I don’t think Twitter is being used to its full potential. Here are 3 things I’d like to see Twitter do that would make it more useful to me:

1. Get my broker on it. Whenever that hot tip comes along or some imminent news, I’d love it if my broker would broadcast it out to me and the rest of his followers. What about other instant updates? How about tweets from airline flights to see if they’re on time?

2. Have a local broadcast option. There’s really no point in asking my followers where the best place to buy scotch in Victoria is, because the majority of them live elsewhere. If Twitter set up a local area broadcast, you could get all sorts of valuable local information from the people who live there – not just your current local followers.

3. Optimize tweets for my interests. Some of the links that get shared are terrific, but they have nothing to do with my passion, and they come from people who are in my industry. I’d love to see Twitter optimize updates to my interests only.

What would you like Twitter to do for you?

How to start your own business in 4 hours

business-schoolI work for a fairly entrepreneurial agency, where we are consistently coming up with new ways for our clients to do things with respect to their operations, sales, marketing or business processes. However, we rarely redefine ourselves, or if we do, it seems the redefinition moves at a pace that would make government agencies blush. Now I know this isn’t actually the case with us (I’m just impatient by nature), but while I am feeling like we’re moving at glacial speed I daydream about what it would be like to have my own business. I envision how the employees would be compensated, or what the culture would be like. Trouble is that often, like many people, I don’t have the foggiest what I’d actually sell or produce, or how to get this product or service properly funded.

Worry no more. I just came across a few great blog posts that are here to help.

The 6 month MBA blog has a new list of 999 business ideas. Some are a bit far fetched, but some are downright brilliant. And as they say, success is in the execution.

Once you’ve browsed through this site (I was inspired by many, but #31, the Santa Delivery Service, #51, Google for video and audio and #129, a themed restaurant where you sing Karaoke in front of a live band, were particularly inspiring), start writing your business plan. Doesn’t have to be lengthy – for tips visit Guy Kawasaki’s site. Then submit it to Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who has recently put out an offer for open source funding for business plans. If he likes your plan, he’ll fund it for a piece of equity.

Happy brainstorming.