6 quick ways to improve your online brand

Our agency just presented to a group of business students at one of our local universities on the power of personal brand. While putting together the presentation it was a great reminder of how susceptible we all are to information that can damage our reputation, if we’re not careful. Seth Godin just wrote a great article on this topic, citing a specific example of a friend who disqualified prospective housekeepers because of a simple Google search. If you’ve got some bad search results, here are a few things you can do to improve your online brand.

1. Either ramp up all the privacy settings on your social media sites or delete your accounts.
2. Untag all photos of yourself on social media sites.
3. Create a profile on Linkedin and link to some people you know.
4. Buy the URL of your name.
5. Start commenting intelligently on people’s blogs/articles. The higher the profile, the better.
6. Start your own web site on Weebly and redirect your name URL to it.

Keep in mind that Google indexes for search every so often, so it may take a week to a month for some search rankings to start to change. So, the sooner you get on this, the better. And just remember this simple tip, just because it’s easy to put something online, it doesn’t mean you should. After all, you could live forever in infamy.