How to create ads that talk back

This is the tag I created

This is the tag I created

Microsoft has come up with (or reprised – Japan has another kind) a revolutionary new technology called Tags. These tags are unique barcodes that can be placed in almost any media environment. If a cell phone picture is taken of one of these tags, it automatically redirects the user’s cell phone browser to a preloaded web site, v-card, etc.

For example, you could take a picture of the tag at the top of this post and it would redirect you to (gasp!) this blog. More exciting uses would be to put a tag on the bottom of a movie poster, which could redirect someone to a trailer of that movie. Or a restaurant could place one of these tags outside its doors which redirect people to its online reservation page. The options are endless. A colleague of mine suggested that porn stars could tattoo their tags on their bodies, that led to their personal web sites.

For now, the technology is free while Microsoft beta tests it. Phones supported are the iPhone, new Blackberry models and a few others. Naturally they need to have a camera and an internet connection. You’ll also have to download the software to your phone first. To learn more click here.

To create a tag click here. It only took me about 30 seconds.

Do you have any suggestions for interesting ways this technology could be used?