Is food the new recycling?

recycle_logoA few days ago I was speaking to a colleague of mine about breakfast. He asked me what I ate, and since I recently made the effort to actually eat something in the morning instead of mainlining three cups of coffee, I proudly told him that I eat a bowl of Rice Krispies before work. His response wasn’t what I was expecting.

“Ugh, you eat CEREAL?” he spat out. “Do you have any idea how many preservatives and chemicals are in them?” He then followed by pontificating on why his proper mix of flax and god-knows-what-else he eats for breakfast is the right thing to do. Which made me wonder: Is food the new recycling?

Everyone I know recycles. I don’t as much as I should. Really, when the contest is between rinsing out the tomato sauce can and a Seinfeld rerun, Mr. Seinfeld wins every time. I don’t think I’m alone, either. But I think we all try to recycle more because there is a shame culture behind not doing it, which, as a marketer, I must share some blame for.

Now I’ll make all of you flax lovers a deal. I’ll rinse out my tomato sauce cans more if you lay off the food scrutiny. In 10 years I don’t want to have to walk into the ‘Adult’ section of the grocery store just to buy my Rice Krispies.