Does Gizmoz want my business?

After a very interesting morning at our agency, I think I’ve got an answer to help cure this ailing economy of ours. Online companies, you’d better be listening.

We came up with a fun concept for a client of ours, where people would be able to personalize some video content and send it to friends of theirs. Trouble is, we don’t create that kind of software at our shop. So, we need to partner with an agency that does.

With the client desperate to get an estimate from us, we searched and found several companies that do this kind of work. Here’s where the issue is: Only one of them had a phone number to contact them. Everyone else had an email form. I should mention that after 24 hours, still no one has responded to our emails.

So, here we sit, with a sold idea and big job begging to be serviced, but no one to service it for us. In fact, we’re so keen to get this job done that we spent an hour trying to find phone numbers (I’m looking in your direction, Gizmoz).

So, if you’re an executive at Gizmoz, Jibjab or, I have a suggestion that just might make your quarter – add a phone number to your site.

I am going to hand out props to Big Stage, who does amazing video rendering work and also happens to have a phone number on their site.